How to Purchase

Select a site

Choosing a site, pay attention to communication, especially if you are going to build a house. It is desirable that the site was gas, electricity, plumbing and sewage. True, outside the city water supply and sewage systems are rare, so in this case you will have to use a well and a cesspool.

Find out at what depth is the drinking water, whether it is possible to make a well. Check with your neighbors about groundwater conditions. The value of land largely depends on the availability of communications. But keep in mind that in order, for example, to conduct gas, you will need a lot of money (tens of thousands of dollars).

Another important issue is the shape, topography and area of ​​the plot. The most convenient for the operation areas, approximate in shape to the square. If you are going to build a house, give preference to areas with flat terrain. Mountainous terrain is beautiful, but in this case for the construction you will need expert advice and additional investments in the strengthening of the soil. The size of the plot plays a big role, you should have enough space for all your future buildings – a house, a garage, a barn, a gazebo, a bath, etc.

Avoid areas located near chemical plants, areas near which high-voltage transmission lines run. Pay attention to the roads that will have to go, especially if the plot is country.

How to buy land, avoiding risks

It is possible to buy land not only from a private owner, but also from a state or local authorities. The Constitution determined that the purchase of land from the state or local government is carried out through an auction. The press contains information about the sale of the site, and not earlier than 30 days after that, the auction is held.

The buyer is issued a certificate of ownership of the land, then the land is registered in his name. This method – the primary sale of the site. For the buyer it has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the plot can cost the buyer much more expensive than the first declared price, but all risks are minimized.

Another thing – the secondary sale, when the land is bought from a private owner. Here you need to be extremely careful. We advise you to buy only a privatized plot. If you are offered to buy non-privatized land, it means that the seller sells his right to privatization, and not, in fact, a piece of land. Privatization after the fact will take a lot of time, effort and money, do you need it?

How to check if the plot is privatized? Very simply, ask the seller to present the State Act of ownership, which confirms the privatization. This document should contain the surname, name and patronymic of the owner, information about the land plot (purpose, plan, location, area of ​​the plot), signatures of the heads of the local state administration and the land resources authority.

What else are hapless buyers? Each plot of land has its own purpose, which must be known and taken into account when purchasing. That is, if you want to buy a plot for the construction of a house, then land plots of housing and public buildings will suit you. If you need a plot for a cottage, garden, then you can buy a plot for agricultural purposes. On this site, you, of course, can build a house, but you cannot register it and register in it. Therefore, buying a building plot, be careful, because changing the purpose of the plot is not at all easy, if at all possible.

Required documents for the sale of land

In order for you to be able to purchase a land plot, the seller must provide the following documents when making a deal:

  • State act of land ownership;
  • Expert assessment of the site (issued by an independent expert licensed by the State Agency for Land Resources);
  • Help from the cadastre office about the absence of burdens on the land;
  • Passports and identeties of owners and their spouses;
  • Marriage certificate (or divorce certificate);
  • Written consent of the spouse or spouse of the seller to sell the plot;
  • Documents about the absence of arrears on the site.

After purchasing the plot, you will have to deal with the registration of documents for the land – get a new State Act on the ownership of your name in the local authority for land resources.

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