What is this Ownership of the Land?

A land ownership certificate is a document that proves that you hold legal title or property to a particular property. A land ownership certificate often has an address called the registrant’s office. This is usually on a part of the building known as the premises of land. It can also be on a piece of land that someone has fencing that he does not use, but it would still be on his land.

People can get land ownership certificate by the person who owns the land. He is then allowed to call the land his property. A land ownership certificate should be issued to legal and natural persons who have been legally allotted in ownership, a piece land plots for housing development, such as housing complexes, apartment buildings, for housing, commercial or industrial land and p land plots owned by a registered owner. If a land plot is developed and no one lives in it, then there is no certificate and the plot is deemed to be with no legal ownership.

People can get land ownership certificate by filling out the form in the land ownership certificate application. Then the application needs to be presented to the landowner registrar. The process is simple. The first step is getting the forms printed. The second step is sending them to the state government.

To get the land ownership certificate, the landowner should be the sole owner of the land. When the sole owner dies, the responsibility for the land passes to the surviving spouse, children or relatives. If the owner changes his name, then he becomes the sole owner of the land. In this case, the certificate is called duly acknowledged land ownership certificate. However, when the name of only one person is listed on the deed, the ownership is termed as sole and single land ownership.

The land ownership certificate helps to identify the owner of the land plot. It shows that the owner is legally permitted to live in the land. A land ownership certificate also helps to prove the genuineness of a land plot. The land ownership certificate helps prove the genuineness of a land plot when a dispute arises over the ownership of a land plot.

You need to get a land ownership certificate from the district revenue officer once you are clear about the title of land. It is the document that proves the legal title of the property to the state. To get a land ownership certificate, the land ownership certificate must be signed by the original owner and acknowledged by the state government. The copy of the land ownership certificate needs to be delivered to the district revenue officer.

If you are new to real estate investment, you need to purchase land parcels wisely. If you buy the land too cheaply, you may end up having legal rights related to the land. The land ownership certificate protects the legal rights of the owner. If the land is purchased in haste without proper research, then there are chances that you may have to pay heavy costs due to incorrect legal rights. Thus, it is advisable to purchase the land at a right time.

Before purchasing any land, it is advisable to find out all about the land. The land ownership certificate helps you understand the land better. Once you are clear about the legalities involved, then you are able to bargain with the revenue officer and buy the land piece by piece. You can negotiate with him confidently because he will know that there is no dispute regarding its ownership.

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